Maintaining a matte finish on your kitchen

Published 01 November 2021 | News

Matte is a beautiful, understated choice for your kitchen door fronts. Usually without a sheen, it has more of a flat or dull finish to it. Often chosen in white or grey, black matte has also become a very popular choice.

However, there is some extra housekeeping required on a matte kitchen door front. Fingerprints and other marks can show more easily - particularly with a kitchen in direct sunlight. You may find yourself wiping down your kitchen doors more often than with a gloss alternative.

The Kube Plus range of kitchen door fronts are coated with an anti-fingerprint finish, made from a strong laminate. This finish ensures that marks and fingerprints are much less visible and easier to remove.

Kube Plus in white has a very good anti-fingerprint feature which works extremely well in a bright, sunlit room. Combined here, in a handle-less design, is Kube Portland in grey concrete with Siemens cooking appliances.

If you are considering a new kitchen and love a matte look, then why not view Kube’s fingerprint resistant kitchen range at a Kube store near you. Drop in to browse or book a design consultation here.