Utility room ideas for the new year

Published 02 December 2022 | News

A utility room with ample workspace, plenty of storage solutions and many hidden little helpers, is what most of our clients are looking for this new year. With Kube’s help you can have a utility room that improves your everyday household management. Here are some ideas to get you inspired:

Kube Soflack drawers with laundry baskets in this utility room combine ergonomics, storage space and the perfect place for the appliances you need.

In this contemporary utility room, the worktop, drawers, and seating in holm oak add a visual highlight to the simple Manhattan Uni fronts in quartz grey.

Create the perfect room divider with Kube Titan. On the one side, a functional utility room with everything that goes with it and, on the other side, an attractive hallway area with a coat rack and wall cupboard.

Our team of designers can help you create a utility room and kitchen that suit your needs. Please drop into one of our showrooms in Dublin or Cork. Alternatively, Book a design consultation to discuss your ideas with one of our design teams.