Revamp Your Kitchen with Mixed Materials

Published 15 April 2024 | News

Personalising your kitchen with a blend of materials is trending. Homeowners are expressing their unique style by mixing textures, patterns, and colours, which not only adds visual interest but also delineates functional zones for various activities.

Uniformity is no longer a must in kitchen design. At Kube, whether it's laminate or lacquered, matte or glossy, our flat doors are just the beginning. Many opt to accentuate with contrasting materials, adding a new dimension of color and ambiance.

Wood elements introduce a cosy, tactile contrast in a minimalist kitchen setting. Whether it's a distinct section of cabinetry, open shelving, or textured door fronts, wood is a favored choice for islands or peninsulas, harmonizing with any palette or design, elevating the aesthetic of your culinary space.

Incorporating metals like Corten steel or blue steel can create a striking contrast in your kitchen. Whether it's through a towering array of cabinets, elegant shelving, a central island, or distinctive wall cladding, these materials can add a bold, eye-catching element to your space.

If you are considering a kitchen design, please drop into one of our six showrooms. Alternatively, book a design consultation to discuss your ideas with one of our design teams here.