Smart kitchen appliances to use in 2023

Published 14 November 2022 | News

Our living spaces allow us to entertain our family and friends, but times are changing, and, in some cases, we are even working from home. Kitchen designers are taking this into consideration and creating spaces that can adapt to the customer’s needs.

We need quieter appliances that allow us to cook, and clean while keeping a relaxing ambience for everyone. Kube offers dishwashers and other kitchen appliances with low decibel levels. Take advantage of that and work or relax without a noisy appliance thrumming in the background.

Hobs with a downdraft mechanism, such as those by Bora, have a low-noise fan and can make your kitchen quieter than the average.

“A BORA hob will take all your cooking smells, steam, and grease straight down into the extractor and you don’t have the noise. You can cook and talk at the same time.” says Dave Fagan – Kube's Brand Manager.

Sustainability is another key factor in people’s kitchens for 2023. Quooker taps produce boiling hot water, filtered chilled sparkling water, filtered chilled cold water and constant 65-degree warm water in one system underneath your sink.

“Some people are buying an eight-pack of sparkling water a week. There’s the cost, the plastic and it takes up so much space in the fridge. With this tap, you don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. The Quooker tap is doing it all for you says Dave Fagan – Kube's Brand Manager.

If you are considering a kitchen appliance or kitchens design, please drop into one of our five showrooms in Dublin or Cork. Alternatively, Book a design consultation to discuss your ideas with one of our design teams.

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