The Role of Pantries in Modern Kitchen Design

Published 15 March 2024 | News

In contemporary kitchen design, pantries have emerged as an essential element. One-third of Kube’s customers now specifically request a pantry due to its invaluable contribution to additional storage space.

When it comes to pantry options, there are two primary choices:

1. Cabinet Pantries: These offer a discreet way to store items while keeping them out of sight. Most cabinet pantries feature shelving on top, complemented by deep drawers underneath for storing essential items. The top shelving can even accommodate appliances like the coffee machine, toaster, and kettle. Thanks to internal sockets, these appliances can be used in place without cluttering the kitchen worktop. Additionally, this area can double as a charging station for tech gadgets, with wires neatly concealed. Bi-folding or pocket doors provide convenient full access to the pantry."

“Cabinet pantries are really practical for everyday use as they are right in the middle of the kitchen. Interesting finishes such as stone shelving, mirrored backdrops and lighting can all be installed in order to make the pantry more attractive when open and in use. As well as drawers underneath the shelving, it is also a convenient area to locate a small wine fridge.” says Dave Fagan, Director, Kube.

2. Walk-in pantries offer an excellent solution for homes with the luxury of extra space adjacent to the kitchen. These spacious storage areas typically include:

  • Open Shelving: Perfect for organising items, walk-in pantries feature open shelving. Infrequently used items find their place on the top shelves, while the lower ones remain accessible for everyday food and dry goods.
  • Multi-Functional Countertop: The pantry’s countertop serves a dual purpose. Not only does it provide an extra work surface, but it can also accommodate bulkier appliances like air fryers or sandwich makers.

“Adding an extra room can increase the kitchen budget however in many instances the kitchen space can be reduced in order to allow for additional storage in the pantry room. People are entertaining more in their kitchens, so they are requesting pantries in order to provide extra storage and hide items away from their guests’ view. Installing a false wall and locating a hidden pantry behind it is an increasingly popular option and a great solution if you don’t have the luxury of enough space for a separate room off the kitchen” adds Dave Fagan.

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