Powerful Kitchens with BORA Appliances

Published 01 March 2024 | News

BORA appliances are famous for their sleek, minimalist design.

Eliminate the need for a conventional extractor hood, providing the freedom to maximise your space, and effortlessly cook and entertain the family.

Cooking vapours and odours are effectively extracted on the cooktop of BORA as it has a powerful extraction motor and extremely low-noise fan. The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. There’s no need for constant manual adjustment, which means you can focus fully on your cooking.

With the BORA QVac built-in vacuum sealer, food lasts for up to three times longer. The built-in vacuum sealer for longer-lasting food and an extraordinarily fresh taste. Making food last longer, generating less litter, wasting less food and maximising taste – these are all issues that are close to our hearts.

If you are considering a new kitchen appliance or kitchen design, please drop into any of our six showrooms in Dublin, Galway or Cork, just book a consultation to discuss your ideas with one of our design teams here.