5 Tips for Small Kitchen Design

Published 15 February 2024 | Design Tips

When designing a kitchen, especially in small spaces, careful planning and consideration are essential. Here are some professional tips to help you make the most of your kitchen:

1. Layout Matters: Consider the layout carefully to utilize every inch of space. The classic advice of thinking of the fridge, oven, and sink as points on a triangle still holds true even in small or awkward spaces. Ensure that the distance between each point is not too limited.

2. Colour and Materials: Use colours and materials strategically to create a sense of spaciousness. Light-coloured splashbacks with reflective properties can make your room appear larger. Don't be afraid to use colour; it's not necessary to stick to a bright palette in small kitchens.

3. Simple Black and White: A monochromatic kitchen with black cabinetry below and a white backsplash and open shelving above can create a fresh yet traditional look.

4. Blend Woods and Whites: Opt for a Scandi-inspired wood and white kitchen scheme for a bright and airy feel. This combination feels clean, natural, and visually appealing.

5. Clever Colour Choices: Be smart with colour selection. Stick to one colour palette to maintain cohesion in your design.

Remember that even in small kitchens, thoughtful design choices can make a significant impact on functionality and aesthetics!

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