Storage solutions for your kitchen

Published 17 August 2021 | News

Storage is the key to a stylish and efficient kitchen. With little nooks and niches, discovering new ways of storing stuff can be thrilling. And because design and storage advice is a central part of what we do, we are spotlighting some of the most stylish and strategic kitchen storage tips for you.

So, whether you feel you’ve run out of space or inspiration, you may want to bookmark this batch of creative, clever and useful kitchen storage ideas by Kube.

Storage as Style

A modern kitchen with a classic twist, Kube Windsor Lack is perfect for a contemporary, busy home where storage is required.

The attractive interplay of colours lends it an elegant touch, with pull out drawers that play the role of a pantry, and shelves fitted onto the end of an island, this is a great example of maximising storage space.

With other design elements like cornices and profiled fronts, this kitchen has a unique charm, where storage becomes style.

Stretch to the ceiling

Stretching storage space to the ceilings is a simple and effective way for keeping big and small spaces tidy and organised.

The Kube Soft Lack in Avocado uses smooth panelling and high shelves to create a refreshing ambience. To get the most out of the space, it could be clever to store lesser-used gadgets in the higher cabinets.

Build it in

The Kube Soft Lack also makes use of built appliances like this oven, with provides a less bulky appearance and an organised life style. Speak to your Kube design expert about built in appliances.

On display

Kube Timber combines warmth, storage and style in perfect measure. The textured wooden surface, with a variety of storage sizes, set against emotion lighting, creates an inviting, relaxed ambience.

Storage is seen in the form of a display here, with the shelving unit used to showcase the prettiest items of the house. With the less attractive options tucked away inside the storage unit, the pieces of the shelves provide a sense of style and rhythm to the space.

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