Sleek Contemporary Kitchen Designs for Modern Home

7th April 2020 | News

Whether you’re willing to experiment with a diverse palette or prefer a classic, monochromatic plan, a contemporary kitchen design promises to enhance the aesthetics of your modern home. At Kube, we combine stylistic cues derived from natural backdrops with sleeker patterns to craft the kitchen of your dreams. So, if you’re looking to remodel an old space or furnish a new one, here are a few ideas you may want to consider:

Shades of White and Grey

In order to achieve a uniform, industrial look, fusing tones of white and grey with lacquered shelves is the ideal design to replicate. In addition to being easy to maintain, this kitchen model is sleek and offers plenty of storage space.

Neutral and Niche

Bringing together several light hues in addition to a complementary pop of colour magnifies the elegance of your design. A statement island with a glossy countertop, white open shelving and matching cabinetry go into completing the picture.

Miniature Island Kitchen

A charming kitchen design, which is ideal for smaller apartments, this island block with an attached hob and washing area and in-built cabinetry is functional and minimalist. Open shelving spaces adjoining the living room units serve as handy storage solutions.

Combining Contrasts

At Kube, we are accustomed to combining varied colours and elements. Blending cabinetry in a bold, dark shade with pearl white walls and a tall unit for matching décor, augments the visual appeal of the kitchen.

Classic Black and White

Nothing is quite as tasteful and timeless as a black and white themed layout. Wooden or lacquered units, along with wall cladding and countertops in black tie in effortlessly with walls and flooring in pure white, heightening the overall allure of the kitchen.

If you wish to re-design your kitchen, be sure to book a consultation with us today.