Harmonious Living: Sleek Kitchen Worktops

15th September 2020 | News

The secret to fashioning a stunning kitchen lies in its details. While the texture and feel of kitchen worktops may not have the visual presence of statement fixtures, their appearance and quality make a huge difference to the overall picture. At Kube, we have a range of premium kitchen worktops in exquisite finishes. In uniting meticulous workmanship and artistic magnificence, these worktops are sure to leave you inspired:

Eiche Hall

With its smoothness, and subtle, roughened exterior, this beige-tinted worktop promises to create an inviting, airy ambience in your home.

Kansas Oak

An elegant, versatile wooden finish with a rustic touch, Kansas Oak maintains just the right balance between diverse elements.

Quartz Grey

In coupling the features of an industrial chic kitchen with a more traditional flair, Quartz Grey is ideal for any modern home.

Limed Marsh Oak

Dense, stately, and stunning, Limed Marsh Oak possesses a tint that is perfectly suited to the aesthetics of a dark kitchen.

At Kube, we are passionate about delivering the best quality services to ensure that you dine in style in the kitchen of your dreams. If you’d like to design or remodel your kitchen, do be sure to book a consultation with us today.