Glitz and Glamour: Sleek Modern Kitchen Designs by Kube

24th March 2020 | News

At Kube, creativity knows no bounds. A generous dollop of delight and spoonful of sparkle go into the making of a stunning contemporary kitchen that promises to make you feel like royalty! If you wish to increase your kitchen’s style quotient by a few notches, look no further. Here are a few gorgeous kitchen designs that are sure to leave you endlessly inspired.

True Blue

A subtle hint of cool shades combined with elegant glass shelving elevates the grandeur of your living space enormously.

A Rosy Tint

A rose-coloured tint along with contrasting shades in panelling is radiant, alluring and creates a wonderful ambience.

Resplendent Glory

A dazzling mirror-panelled island complemented by black matte units lends a sense of aesthetic harmony.

Dark Dynamism

A monochromatic theme with a graphic statement island is an innovative contemporary design that ensures uniformity of all elements.

Rustic Woodland

Add an element of rustic charm to your industrial kitchen with smooth, warm wooden interiors.

Pink Plumes

Matte shelving with a delicate tinge of pink merges with wooden interiors to create an open, inviting space.

If you’re looking to remodel or furnish your kitchen, do be sure to book a consultation with us today!