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Kube Heliodor

Soft Black Laminate


Kube Heliodor The frameless design of the Heliodor range allows the wardrobe to be fitted from floor to ceiling. 

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Kube Heliodor

Verona Ash / Mirror


Kube Heliodor A mirror finish is available for the perfect combination of luxury and functionality.

Kube Heliodor

Cappuccino / Black Glass


Kube Heliodor With a large variety of colours and finishes, Kube has a wardrobe solution to suit every style.

Kube Kiva

Walnut Nicea


Kube Kiva Create a warm cosy atmosphere with natural wood finishes.

Kube Szafir

Flower Glass Graphic


Kube SzafirChoose from thousands of images which can be printed onto your doors. 

Kube Lammy

Vanilla Glass


‚ÄčKube LammyThe warmth of the Lammy vanilla gloss range with matching carcase coupled with the bi-folding doors will create a statement piece in any room.

Kube Szafir Verona

Dark Oak / Carmen Oak


Kube Szafir VeronaCreate a relaxing and rich environment with the use of darker woods.

Kube Bi-Fold

Natural Bardolino Oak


Kube Bi-Fold For practicality some rooms may benefit from a combination of hinged and sliding doors. The internal lighting makes the room warm, cosy and adds that touch of luxury.

Kube Lazuryt

Beech Bavaria


Kube LazurytWith the flexibility of Kube’s wardrobe systems, corners can now become an integral part of the storage design.