Published 11th August 2020 | News

Uniting Elegance and Flexibility: Statement Furniture Pieces by Ditre Italia

Transforming your living space into a cosy, intimate setting with tasteful interior décor requires a unity of diverse elements. Aesthetic harmony is achieved through the incorporation of a statement furniture piece that effortlessly weaves a melange of varied features into a complete, wholesome picture.

Quality, detail, balance, and flexibility find full expression in luxury furniture by Ditre Italia. Swathed in the choicest Italian fabrics, and available in a splendid array of designs, Kube is delighted to present a few statement pieces by Ditre:

Sanders Air Sofa

An attractive, and distinguished sofa bed with customisable backrests, Sanders is perfectly suited to contemporary-styled homes.


A sofa set available in a range of non-angular designs, which can be uniquely fashioned to any setting, Papilo with its stylish cushions is another distinctive piece by Ditre Italia.

Flick Flack

A statement sofa that instantly enlivens a living room with its sophisticated grace, Flick Flack would adorn open, large spaces elegantly.


A chic sofa bed that promises to lend an air of authenticity to your home, Ditre’s poufs transform living spaces into comfortable, and inviting spaces.

If you wish to furnish your living room with our gorgeous pieces, book a free consultation with one of our expert designers today. Slots are offered both online and in-store by appointment.