The Kube Soft Lack in Papyrus Grey and Blueberry Matte has a soothing, welcoming feel. Featuring a Siemens domino induction hob with built-in extraction, an integrated refrigeration system, a dishwasher and combined washer/dryer, its elegance is harmonised by efficiency. Sleek and unique, this kitchen has a timeless charm.

“We are happy to have been working hand in hand with Kube over the last number of years. The designers are so creative, the fitters are polite and organised, and customer service liaises with the customer throughout the project.

All of our clients have been so happy with their Kube kitchens, which helps us at Nuhaus build on our successful brand. Thanks to Kube for all the hard work and support.”

Alex Pankoff, CEO, Nuhaus Ltd

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