Published 10th September 2020 | News

Stylish and Convenient Hotel Cabinetry Solutions

At Kube, our wardrobe solutions can be tailored to suit any setting. In coupling sleek designs with ample storage facility, our bespoke cabinets can be used to furnish domestic, industrial, and commercial spaces. The following stunning cabinets, crafted for luxury hotels, bear testimony to the elegance and customisable nature of our designs:

Debonair Drawers

Stylish, and functional, drawers with adjoining seaters are fashionable and versatile designs that can accompany savvy dressing tables.

Svelte Sliderobes

An inbuilt wardrobe with sliding doors can be modelled in a variety of different colours, shapes, and designs. A wardrobe design that is gaining immense popularity, sliderobes are neat and convenient.

Chic Closed Cabinets

Simple and timeless, these storage units are intrinsic to all spaces. A storage unit which can also function as a display unit, it is a fantastic addition to hotel rooms and hallways.

Majestic Almirahs

A free-standing cabinet with plenty of storage space for clothes, suitcases, and other travel necessities, attractive almirahs can be fashioned to suit the aesthetics of the hotel room.

If you wish to furnish your home, office, or any other commercial establishment with our bespoke wardrobe solutions, book a free consultation with one of our expert designers today. Feel free to either reserve a free appointment (online/in-store) or drop in and browse our collection at one of our showrooms in Dublin or Cork.