Published 1st October 2020 | News

Smooth and Lustrous: Attractive Kitchen Panelling

Be it a rustic wooden wraparound or a sleek, glossy finish, panelling is central to defining the aesthetics of your kitchen. At Kube, our bespoke designs allow you to choose from a spectacular range of stunning panels that promise to elevate the aesthetic allure of your home:

White Concrete

A finish with a timeless flair, a white concrete finish seamlessly weaves a classic finesse into a contemporary-styled kitchen.

Soft Matte

If you want to achieve a simple, minimalist charm, this smooth, elegant option is ideal for your living space.


A popular choice among contemporary homeowners, Artwood transforms your kitchen into an inviting, social space.


Nothing quite lends a kitchen a chic, industrial touch quite like textured metallic panelling.

If you’d like to learn more about our excellent range of kitchen panelling, do book a free consultation with us today. Our team of expert designers would be more than happy to help you model your dream kitchen, either online or in-store.