Published 18th August 2020 | News

Savvy Bathroom Utility Ideas

As a space that is immensely vital to your house, the bathroom needs to be fitted with efficient, neat, and organised shelving systems. Besides having a visual charm, bathroom utility closets require certain functional characteristics that make them ideal for a domestic setting. At Kube, our bespoke wardrobe solutions enable you to customise utility closets using any shape, design, or colour, suited to a variety of settings. Here are a few chic utility designs for bathrooms that promise to combine the best of designs, ergonomics, and aesthetics:

Semi-Open Shelves

A utility system possessing open and closed recesses, making space for scented candles as well as other personal items, these handy shelves are ideal for those who fancy a comforting aromatic bath after a long day.

Customised Sliderobes

Closets with sliding doors provide, smooth, safe, and functional storage to necessary items. Besides being easy to personalise, the versatility of designs allows them to be fitted into any setting, large or small.

Tall Storage Facilities

Storage facilities with sectionalised shelves for select items, and customised alcoves for washing machines, dryers, or apparatus for ironing, may be fashioned to make best use of available space in smaller homes.

Hanging Shelves

Cabinets with built-in drawers fixed to walls, allow ample space for essential personal care products, and electronic devices. Customised fixtures, in the form of towel holders, and mirrors may also be incorporated into the design.

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