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Kube Kitchen Cabinets

At Kube, it‘s our fundamental approach and our understanding that the principle of quality and substance takes precedence. In particular, we believe our kitchen cabinets must be as beautiful on the inside as on the outside whilst also meeting the highest quality standards.

With 12 internal carcase colours to choose from, Kube ensures your kitchen cabinets match both inside and out to ensure your kitchen looks flawless. The majority of our ranges include a profile seal on all cabinets to keep dust from accumulating, with soft closing doors and drawers. However, we are also mindful of quality and kitchen cabinets from Kube are made in a quality controlled manufacturing environment, they have three-layer 16mm chipboard with melamine resin on both sides and a 3.2mm HDF rear panel.

And of course, we also value our surroundings by ensuring our kitchen cabinets do their part to help preserve our environment, conserving natural resources, keeping air and water clean and promoting sustainability. In their production Kube use state-of-the-art filter systems allow us to produce kitchen cabinets without involving pollution. All packaging is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. The timber is harvested under fair conditions; fair to human beings; fair to nature. We are proud to say our kitchen cabinets are made by suppliers who hold PEFC certifications and in conjunction with the manufacturer, we are taking steps to help protect the environment.