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NEWS Design Tips Interior design ideas for your kitchen

Interior design ideas for your kitchen

With your Kube kitchen installed and looking fabulous, you're now looking for interior design ideas to complete the look. Contracting a professional interior designer to assist with design ideas is an investment that is worth consideration. They often have great ideas around wall, floor and soft furnishing finishes that will pull together the various sections of the room. An interior designer may also know where to source materials at better value and savings made here would go towards alleviating the designer’s initial fee.

Stools at a breakfast bar can be an informal design or can be similar to your dining chairs for more comfort and longer sittings. Kube recommends the New York or the Tosca stool from Calligaris for a touch of luxury or the Aida, also from Calligaris, is a well-designed stool at a reasonable price. A large piece of contrasting furniture can form a statement piece and can off-set and warm up an otherwise contemporary interior design.

Viewing show homes in a new development, such as this one in Kinsale (pictured), can be a great way to get design ideas from a professional designer without needing to contract your own. Window dressing is your chance to bring colour and fabric into your kitchen’s interior design. Be careful, however, not to block any natural light. Two options are modern blinds which can be closed when privacy is required or curtains on a window located away from cooking or water zones.

Pendant lighting over an island will provide lighting at night and will double as a design piece during the day. Pictured are some examples of designs with one large pendant light or a number of smaller ones aligned in a row along the length of the bar.

Finally, for more interior design ideas, why not visit a Kube showroom. We’re showcasing a white Kube kitchen in our Balbriggan store with a statement wall of blue patterned wallpaper. Kube showrooms are located in Balbriggan, Sandyford, Rathgar and Long Mile Road in Dublin and at Turners Cross in Cork.