Essential pieces for a bedroom

Published 27 July 2021 | News

While interior trends are ever changing, one thing remains the same: a bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary in which we rest and recuperate. Everyone builds their restful retreat in different ways, and essential to this is the furniture we choose, alongside being budget friendly.

So, this week we have hand-picked some of our favourite affordable bedroom furniture and bedroom sets to help you out.


Headboards create a focal point in the room, and can be both glamorous and practical. Against a colour backdrop, this solid wooden frame can be ordered in different finishes and colours, making it both a statement piece and very practical.

Clear The Clutter with Clever Storage

Storage is an integral part of the design process, especially if you aim to clear the clutter for a calm and restful bedroom. In order to achieve peace of mind, to leave the work day behind, it helps when everything in your room has its place.

Bedroom furniture is key to this. Namely, wardrobes. At Kube, our bespoke wardrobe solutions can be modelled to suit any setting. Sleek and convenient, our wardrobes are available in an extensive range of colours, designs, and finishes.

For example, check out Kube Kiva below. Homely and welcoming, its textured surfaces have a smooth, comforting feel. The perfect answer to bedroom storage.

In terms of storage for a kids bedroom, we’ve got plenty of storage options with a myriad of different styles, including those that fit into the walls. A popular choice is “Kube Onyx”, an angled wardrobe which is perfect for a loft bedroom, “Kube Onyx” is available with matching accessories. Perfect for both nurseries and studies, this design is convenient and easy to maintain.

Accessories: Bedroom Lighting

One way to bring an elegant, tailored approach is through the bedroom decor. Styling is a personal thing, but one thing we have noted is a trend towards colourful accessories and bold lighting, which are both decorative and functional.

To have some fun with your bedroom decor, consider our range of accessories. Add an extra sparkle with a vases, wall picture or bold lamp.