Combining Contrasts: How to Achieve the Balance

12th March 2020 | News

While combining contrasting shades may pose challenges, nothing is as elegant as divergent tones harmonizing to achieve a delicate balance. In order to unite different colours in a way that the overall aesthetic possesses an understated style, attention needs to be drawn to the details. The key is to ensure that all components fit into the overall picture stylishly and effortlessly.

A wonderful example of individual facets going into forming a beautiful picture is this chic kitchen furnished by sleek Torino lack fronts. In weaving both traditional and contemporary styles, this kitchen brings together several distinct elements with élan.

Drawers fashioned from real wood adds a touch of warmth, which goes a long way in enlivening the picture. The oak pinot veneer complements the Torino lack fronts in lava soft mat, heightening the elegance. Black flocked anti-slip mats and cutlery inserts in ash wood are functional, whilst lending a sense of sophistication.

A display unit in manganese bronze, tinted with a glossy, framed frontage leaves room for tasteful décor that blends in well with the kitchen. Besides adding character to the living space, it also offers plenty of storage space.

The graphic elements of the island go a long way in making a statement. The plinth cladding adds a smooth, unified finish accentuated by slender pilasters that define the block.

Designing a contemporary kitchen with classic elements and contrasting themes can be artistically fulfilling, regardless of elaborate it may appear. At Kube, we are passionate about delivering the best quality services to ensure that you dine in style in the kitchen of your dreams. If you’d like to design or remodel your kitchen, do be sure to book a consultation with us today.