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Kube Siemens Cooling Promotion

Up to 50% off a selected Siemens cooling appliance when you purchase any four Siemens appliances with Kube.

Innovate your kitchen and save. With Kube’s cooling promotion you get half off a qualifying siemens appliance with the purchase of four Siemens appliances. The technology in Siemens cooling appliances can keep your food fresh much longer. Siemens built-in fridges combine state of the art technology and user convenience – but they are formed not to stand out. Instead, they come in various shapes and sizes to become part of the kitchen’s architecture.

Kube Siemens Cooling Promotion

Terms & Conditions: *01.10.2019-30.01.2020. Purchase any four Siemens appliances to get a selected Siemens cooling appliance for half-price. Selected models only. T&Cs apply.