Published 14th January 2020 | News

10 Things to consider when planning your kitchen

When designing a new kitchen, there are several aspects that you should consider to ensure you come out with a kitchen that you will love for a long time to come. Kube kitchen designers are your number one resource. They have training, experience and expertise that will help guide you in making the right kitchen design decisions for your household. To help you prepare for your initial design appointment, here are ten things to consider when planning for your new kitchen.

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1. The members of your household

Who will be using your kitchen on a day to day basis? Planning a kitchen design for a large family with young children is entirely different from planning a kitchen for retirement. These are two extremes, but there is plenty of nuance in the middle. The needs of the members of your household will be a significant factor in the decisions that go into your kitchen layout and functionality. Talk to your kitchen designer, who has plenty of experience helping decide what will work best in each situation.

2. Your physical space

This one seems obvious enough. The trick though, is getting everything you want into the space you have. Creating a design that will provide a positive environment and function ideally for your household is the goal here. It isn't just about cramming units into an area, creating harmony in the kitchen by utilising smart storage solutions and maintaining adequate walkways is essential as well.

3. Your lifestyle

What are you like? No seriously? Is your kitchen going to be used primarily for entertaining? For preparing family meals? Do you want to take time exploring complicated recipes? Or, are you looking to turn out quick, nourishing meals and need something to accommodate a busy lifestyle? Kube kitchen designers understand the needs of different lifestyles and can help design a kitchen that will fit perfectly with yours.

4. Your taste and your style

There are many different styles of kitchen, and sometimes it can be difficult deciding on what will work best for you. Think about your style and your preferences. Explore the many kitchen designs and styles on Kube's web pages to get an idea of what suits you. When you are ready, you can look through the colour and finish options. Your designer can be your guide and will make recommendations to help you achieve a look that fits your personality.

5. Cooking preferences

After all, the kitchen is for cooking, and you can tailor your kitchen to the way you cook. By arranging storage, prep, cooking, dining and clean up in a balanced flow, we can enhance your experience in the kitchen. Think about the meals you prepare, the cookware and utensils used, the foods you most commonly store as well as other aspects. Are tea and coffee a part of your daily routine or something you enjoy once in a while. By taking account of your cooking preferences, we can develop a kitchen design that fits with your needs.

6. The rest of your home - kitchen uses

How your kitchen fits with the rest of your home is a significant consideration. By understanding what takes place outside of the kitchen, we gain knowledge of what we need in the kitchen. Kitchens are for cooking and meal prep, but that isn't all. Is your kitchen a social space used for hosting and entertaining guests? Is it a pantry where your dry goods and cleaning supplies are stored. Perhaps it is a utility and laundry room. Is your kitchen a living or dining space where your household gathers to eat, watch television or to do homework and pay bills. The modern kitchen is so much more. By understanding how you will use your kitchen, we can ensure that your kitchen design suits the needs of your home.

7. Your storage needs

It is incredible what you can find in the kitchen. Storage of dry and cold goods is the obvious one. What about cleaning supplies. What about rubbish and recycling. In addition to your food storage and your cookware and dinnerware, what else do you keep in your kitchen?

8. Your budget

We understand that everything has to fit a budget. There is no reason that your ideal kitchen cant fit into yours. Kube kitchen designers are not only experts in fitting kitchens into spaces, but we can also fit them into budgets. Kube designers can help you understand where it is vital to splash out and which areas are appropriate to be a little more conservative. Pairing customers with kitchens that they love, that work well for them and that support their lifestyles is what we do. Talk to a Kube kitchen designer and see what they can do for you.

9. Your time frame

What is going on? Really? Are you remodelling or choosing a kitchen for a new build? What else is going on in your life that you need to consider when you are planning your kitchen. Different products have different delivery and installation times. Be sure your designer is aware of your time concerns so they can arrange to fit your kitchen when it suits you.

10. Your fantasy kitchen & your dreams

Why not. We are building a kitchen for life here. Some things may be beyond reach, but if you don't try, you'll never know. You might a well get extravagant with your kitchen wishes. You may not have space or the budget for your wildest wants, but you might be surprised about what you can achieve.

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