Published 23rd May 2020 | News

Kitchen Designs Incorporating Kitchen and Dining Spaces

Contemporary homes seek defined layouts, furnished with tasteful interior décor. It is vital for designers to use the available spaces efficiently, to ensure that both the kitchen and dining spaces are bound together seamlessly. Kube presents you with a few stunning open plan living space designs that promise to leave you inspired:

The L-Shaped Kitchen

A spectacular way to make use of available space is to outline the layout of the floor with kitchen counters, shelving and appliances to a corner, leaving the rest of the room open for dining room décor.

Customisable Islands

An island block tailored to accommodate a space for cooking, attached to a plane that is suited to dining, is ideal for larger open plan spaces. Mixing in a diversity of ornamental elements, such as grey paint, white panelling and wooden shelving helps heighten the visual allure of the kitchen.

An Inbuilt Breakfast Table

Incorporating a breakfast bar, adjoining a shelf or counter that is adjacent to the kitchen area, is a functional way to make the best of a smaller space or an apartment. Using lighter shades in fashioning the interiors helps in amplifying the brightness of the space.

Open Shelved Island

An island integrating an open shelved grid system for home décor on one side helps in demarcating the kitchen from the dining space. A dark wall panelling, matching the island provides a striking contrast, whilst adding a hint of warmth to the overall setting.

If you wish to upgrade your existing kitchen or fit your new home with a spectacular modern kitchen, be sure to book a free consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be delighted to assist you in a face-to-face consultation online, where you will model the kitchen of your dreams from the comfort of your home.