Published 16th May 2020 | News

Five Creative Home Office Shelving Ideas

With working from home becoming the order of the day, you may need more than just your daily caffeine fix to keep you motivated through the day. As you sit at your desk in your pyjamas, you may be tempted to catch just one more episode of your favourite series on Netflix or enticed to take multiple trips down to your kitchen to snack on sugary treats.

Given how the chances of you wearing a suit to work in the future seem rather slim, why not bring the office to your home instead? So, now’s the time to get both yourself and your work back on track, by transforming your workstation into a savvy, professional space that fits in perfectly with your home. While it may be difficult to get the best of both worlds in the confines of your home, Kube has a range of spectacular shelving solutions that promise to bring panache to your home office.

1. Sleek with Sliding Door

Posh and stylish, sliding doors with a glossy texture give your home office a sense of elegance. The in-built shelving provides ample storage space for any stationery or accessories.

2. Chic with Bookshelves

Whether you’re a book hoarder or not, nothing combines creativity and functionality quite as effortlessly as a bookshelf. Simple or bohemian, bookcases can be customised completely to suit your individual style!

3. Luxury Loft Storage

Get innovative with cabinets in your loft by incorporating a fitted ceiling wardrobe. Modern and minimalist, these solutions give your home office a distinct character, whilst being equally convenient.

4. Trendy and Textured

Sliding doors imprinted with custom patterns and graphics go a long way in reflecting your unique flair. If you wish to weave some diverse visual elements into your workspace, this design idea is a great way to go.

5. Warm with Wood

A classic material which is a big hit with homeowners and designers alike, wooden interiors are always worth investing in. An incredibly versatile element, wood can be paired with both smooth and textured surfaces of different colours and maintain a magnificent finish.

If you wish to fit your home with stunning contemporary wardrobes, be sure to book a free online consultation with us today.