Published 24th November 2020 | News

Elegant Kitchen Finishes for Contemporary Home

The material and texture of a finish are intrinsic to defining the aesthetic of a kitchen. Besides lending it a uniform, stylistic feel it is central to retaining a welcoming, homely ambience. At Kube, our range of bespoke designs leave plenty of room for distinctive elements that impart character to your living space. Here are a few sleek kitchen finishes that are guaranteed to make your kitchen stand out:


A smooth, lustrous finish with an industrial appeal, steel is chic and easy to maintain.


Dense and dynamic, basalt is a resilient material with a unique flair.

Java Slate

A finish that is ideal to create an appealing contrast, java slate is perfectly suited to a contemporary kitchen design.

Copper Oxide

In possessing a charming, rustic allure, finishes in copper oxide complement modern designs with a classic touch.

If you wish to furnish your kitchen with fine elements, be sure to book a design consultation today. Our team of expert designers would be more than happy to assist you in a consultation either online or in-store by appointment.