Published 29th July 2020 | News

Completing the Picture: Stunning Living Room Accessories

As a lively hub for relaxing and socialising, it is essential that your living room is reflective of your personal style. Furnishing your living room with the right décor means having chic and functional fixtures that accompany a central piece, creating a picture of aesthetic harmony. Kube is delighted to present you with a few stunning living room accessories that promise to lend your home a unique character:

Bespoke TV Stands

A simple, stylish, and handy item, a customised TV stand fashioned out of colours and material of your choice is guaranteed to add value to your living space.

Side Boards

A display unit suited to showcase tasteful décor with in-built shelving units, side boards serve as savvy furniture pieces.


Available in a wide range of designs, colours, and material, bookshelves may either be built into walls, or constructed as individual pieces.

Framed Mirrors

Bound by elegant, tinted frames, mirrors can be structured in any shape or size to enhance the charm of your living space with a hint of sparkle.

If you wish to furnish your living room with our gorgeous pieces, book a free consultation with one of our expert designers today. Slots are offered both online and in-store by appointment.