Published 24th September 2020 | News

A Designer’s Perspective on Current Kitchen Trends

At Kube, we endeavour to craft the finest kitchens for our customers. In keeping our designs innovative, fresh, and timeless, we furnish homes with the most stunning contemporary kitchens.

We are delighted to present an exclusive interview with Neil Dunne, an accomplished kitchen designer who has worked on a range of exquisite design projects over the last two decades. A true interiors enthusiast, Neil shares his views on current trends and practices.

An open plan space with a large island, breakfast bar and a downdraft hob.

Q. Could you please elaborate on contemporary styles, layouts, and preferences, from a customer’s standpoint?

Neil: These days, people mostly opt for open plan spaces, where kitchen, dining, and living spaces merge together. As far as new buildings are concerned, this is something that is generally planned by architects from the start. There are also lots of people who build extensions or renovate existing spaces to achieve this.
The most common kitchen layouts typically include a single wall of cabinets with a large island. Alternatively, two-walled cabinets, (either joined in L-shape, or with two separate walls) along with a large island are common.
Statement islands incorporating downdraft hobs and breakfast bars to create a social hub are very popular. When entertaining, we want to be able to integrate both cooking and socialising.

A dark kitchen with wooden furnishings.

Q. Kube’s German kitchens are bespoke, which leaves us with endless possibilities. What are clients’ preferences in terms of colours and material?

Neil: Dark coloured kitchens are very much in trend, where we combine dark cabinets with matching worktops. To soften things and bring some warmth to the room, wood finishes are used to furnish the wall cabinets and breakfast bars.
Black particularly is extremely popular, especially since the introduction of our anti-fingerprint finish. Two-toned kitchens, in general, are a great hit. White, black, and grey with wooden finishes, or even dark grey mixed with a lighter shade are options people go for. A natural material like cement or steel, mixed with wood is also a popular choice.
Marble countertops are also incredibly fashionable these days.

A kitchen with a statement island and panelling in a bright blue.

Q. What significant changes have you seen in terms of kitchen trends in the last 5 years?

Neil: There has definitely been a shift in preferences towards matte finishes, as well as green and blue shades. Downdraft hobs are becoming more and more popular, as are boiling water taps.

A two-toned kitchen design with white and brown.

Q. Which of the above trends do you reckon would retain their charm in the coming years?

Neil: I can see two-toned kitchens with neutral contrasts standing the test of time, given that they suit any setting, be it industrial chic, classic, or modern.

Q. What should today’s kitchen buyer consider as a budget for their new dream kitchen?

Neil: On an average, people spend €12,000 to €15,000 on a kitchen, including appliances. However, given that Kube’s kitchens are completely bespoke, the budget will depend on the size, finishes and colours chosen. Stone worktops, premium appliances, and hot water taps are likely to increase the cost of the kitchen. Our wide and extensive range of fixtures at Kube allows customers choice and leaves them free to set the budget to suit their own home and needs.

At Kube, we are passionate about delivering the best quality services to ensure that you dine in style in the kitchen of your dreams. If you’d like to design or remodel your kitchen, do be sure to book a free consultation with us today.