Published 22nd July 2020 | News

5 Stunning Features of Walk-in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes are savvy and convenient storage solutions that are popular amongst millennials. Sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary, walk-in wardrobes promise to elevate the grandeur of your home immensely. Kube is delighted to present a few stunning and functional interior design fixtures that promise to add value to your walk-in wardrobes:

1. Sliding Doors

Frameless, sliding doors with a shiny, mirrored surface lend your room a modern, minimalist appeal. Smooth, efficient, and easy to maintain, these enclosures are ideal for contemporary-styled bedrooms.

2. Attached Tie Rack

A simple, yet practical design fixture, an attached tie rack is perfect for connoisseurs of formal fashion.

3. Hanging Rail Rack:

A sectionalised rail rack, suited to hang long coats, blazers, shirts, and dresses, give the closet a unique character.

4. Pull-Out Baskets

Pull-out baskets, fashioned in wood, metal, or cloth, built into alcoves of the walk-in closet are perfect for storing towels, bedsheets, and other items.

5. Metallic Shoe Rack

A metallic shoe rack is sturdy, handy, and suited to hold heels, sandals, boots, and slippers of all shapes and sizes.

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